Sunday, January 26, 2014


The 3 y.o. and I are loving the "winter peas" (actually snow peas) - we get a handful or so a day and share them. The 5 y.o. and their father turn up their noses at them. This week I also started some seeds indoors, for the first time ever. This is such a mild climate I never felt the need before - it's an experiment with cilantro and lettuce. I got 4 packs of seeds for $1 at the dollar store so felt it was worth the risk. But did I still think to myself while planting them - "wait, let's not use them ALL up"? Of course I did! I am the world's frugalest undergardener.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I took advantage of both kids being out of the house to dash outside and sow some seeds that might actually have more than a 50% chance of developing without my "assistants". I put in Bibb lettuce, beets, and another round of snow peas. My first set of peas are doing great (by my low standards, that is) - we get a few off it every day and they are crunchy and tasty. At least that's what my kids tell me; I hardly ever get to try one myself. My existing Salad Bowl lettuce and cilantro are doing fine; some beet leaves are peeping up, and I do believe that the radishes are up to something in their container. Otherwise, nothing the kids and I sowed a few weeks ago is visible. That's how it goes in the wide world of potager-ing. The forecast is for 70F today. What the what! I can't blame my seeds for getting confused; I know I am. My toddler wore shorts yesterday and I didn't have a leg to stand on to tell her she shouldn't.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's Plant Some Plants

Yesterday was more summery than the average summer day in my microclimate - almost 70 and no clouds. It put me in the mood for gardening - funny how much more appealing it is when you don't have to bundle up to weed. But with other things going on, we didn't have time to get out there much. Today, though, my 3 y.o. and I had the time and energy - well, she always has the energy - to sow some more "winter" crops (honestly, like Dora, I suffer from mixed-up seasons in this crazy weather).

We put in American Flag leeks, Salad Bowl blend lettuce, Tokyo Long White scallions, and slow-bolt cilantro. She reminded me to add "fresh dirt" (compost blend). Thank you, helper, because I sure would have forgotten. As usual, I sprinkle a bit of straw around the new planted area and water with a gentle sprinkle for 15 minutes. As usual, with my helper helping, the row distribution was imperfect. I hope some of the seeds are drifting off to sleep in their new home.

Last night I read Jen Lancaster's Tao of Martha; I particularly enjoyed her gardening chapters. I too have an imaginary love-hate relationship with Martha; I too am not going to have a "cutting garden" in this lifetime.  Martha, Martha, Martha...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Harvest

Peas! My very first snow peas ever, few in number but mighty in crunchy taste. I also picked blackberries. While I was inside getting a colander for the lettuce, my son gobbled down all the berries. He reported they were good.