Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What You Need to Garden Successfully With Your Kids

One appeal of gardening is that the barrier to entry is very low - that is, you need a patch of dirt or a pot, and some seeds (did I mention you can buy 4 packs for a dollar at the dollar store?!) and you're good to go. However, there are of course some tools and equipment you can get for your child to have a more successful experience.

My child model demonstrating the two most important pieces of gear - clogs and shovel.
My kids both have garden clogs, and I have finally somewhat trained them to step into them the second they step outside. We do no shoes indoors, so otherwise they would be running around outside barefoot, getting their feet filthy in addition to stepping on every pointy leaf and objet out there. Garden clogs save a lot of drama. They each also have their own (because sharing is just too hard) hand trowel. For our family, those two things are the bare minimum. As they get older and more involved in the actual work - as opposed to digging holes in the rough vicinity of where I requested - I can see wanting a hand rake, gloves, and maybe even a gardening apron. (Heck, I'd like one of those.) But for now, they like getting their hands (and clothes... and faces... and....) dirty, and the feeling of helping with their own little shovels. More power to them.

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