Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nursery Review: Flora Grubb Gardens

Many years ago I used to listen to KFOG religiously on my morning and evening commutes, and Flora Grubb used to do an occasional gardening interview with the morning show. This was when I was an apartment dweller and not the slightest bit interested in gardening, but she always sounded like a genuine, nice person. Nowadays, as the avid Sunset reader I am, I knew about Flora Grubb Gardens, her nursery in San Francisco, but had never been... until today.

It turns out that it is your gorgeous succulents-and-pots HQ. A very small - I'm sure they refer to it as "well-curated" - edibles section would not have tempted me by myself, but my kid made me buy a lettuce and a tomato start. I couldn't find an employee to ask if the tomato was good for my climate. There is one playhouse for kids (probably for sale, happily I did not notice a price on it), and lots of opportunities for them to break something expensive. Although if you have more of a looky-loo in tow, there's lots of funky displays for them to gawk at.

The bathroom was spacious and clean, no changing table but a long counter that could fit the bill in an emergency (and when is it ever anything else when you need a changing table?). The Ritual Coffee bar was jammed.

I'm glad I scratched my FGG itch, but it's not going to be worth a second special trip. In the neighborhood, SCRAP definitely is worth as many trips as I can squeeze in. Then maybe a stop by FGG for the bathroom?

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