Saturday, April 5, 2014

Starting Seeds Indoors

The indoors lineup. Batting first - radishes.
The kindergartener's teacher planted radishes, watermelon, and peas inside the classroom, in a clear fronted planter so the kids can watch the roots grow. They are loving it, and loving reporting on the seeds' progress to anyone who will listen who unwarily steps into the classroom. So I decided to do the same activity at home.

We planted radishes in one plastic cup, and parsley in the other on March 30. The radishes are already sprouting! Magic, I tell you. We also have a strawberry plant indoors, waiting for a dry enough spell to transplant, and my indoors basil which is looking good although still small. A great complementary activity would be journaling the pots' progress, but I didn't think of that in time! There's always next time (gardening motto #345).

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