Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Craft Mayhem

The inspiration and the perspiration
Oh, Family Fun magazine. You really are the parent's Martha Stewart Living. I cannot resist attempting your cute owls, and now my kids cannot resist whining for them every single day at snacktime.

We've also gathered lots of fall leaves on the daily walk to school for a variety of craft opportunities, including painting, glueing, and simply sorting and discussing. Endlessly fascinating in the array of colors and shapes. As per Martha in the October issue, I obtained glycerine at great personal effort in order to give our collection a glycerine-water bath, thus preserving their colors.

Look how I follow directions! Hmph
Maybe I cheaped out on the amount of glycerine (they're not giving the stuff away) but the result was sort of hit or miss. (My son sorted some into a new "do not use" pile.)  I even weighed down the bath in order to evenly distribute it. Oh well, it's good enough for a first try, and me and my family's - erm - level of crafting expertise.

How's the garden coming along, you ask? Um.... yeah.

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