Thursday, September 19, 2013

Garden Chores

Watering: an unfavorite chore in the garden. Not that, come to think of it, I have a "favorite" chore. Gardening is a bunch of work sporadically punctuated with something yummy. But one of the reasons I liked the name The Undergardener for this blog is because I have so much still to learn about gardening, and none of it comes naturally to me. Didn't do it growing up, didn't even do it as an adult until moving into the first home I owned three years ago. Nothing is "in my head" - I have to schedule planting, watering, even harvesting, among all the other garden chores. Today, my to-do list includes watering, alongside make dinner, do laundry, and oh yeah, pick up the kids from school. (Phew, I remembered to do that!) It's a hot day and the kids are home, which means the plants will be quite lucky to actually get any of the water on themselves as it will be in high demand for mudpies and sprinkler-running. Because I am not going to have time (or any of us the patience) for a full hand-watering, I'll hand-water the berries and pots (basil, mint), then set the sprinkler in the main planted area. It's late afternoon, which means it may not dry fully before night... oh, jeez, better just get out there now and do it!

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