Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parenting by Rewards Chart

While I have been posting lately about the garden, I do also have kids around, and they do more than just mess up my new plantings. They also mess around generally and make it hard to get out the door in the morning to get to school on time. Thus, we decided that a rewards chart would help keep things humming at our house. We went through a couple iterations with vague rewards, and a dry-erase chart that resulted in numerous pen marks on the wall. Starting today, we have a new and improved chart I created in Word, and the reward is clear: 10 extra minutes of iPod time on Sunday evening. ie., more Angry Birds. It is all Angry Birds, all the time, at our house. This should help. I designed it as a grid, using the AB Feast of Flesh font, added in a motivating AB, and listed his chores. Then I drew them too, since he is still learning to read. Now we will add an X every time he completes a chore by himself. Fingers crossed!

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