Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tomatoes and Plums

EVERY DAY.  I remembered AGAIN! I even had a helper picking many unripe tomatoes for me... well, maybe they'll ripen a bit on the windowsill.

Also harvested a few leaves of container lettuce - nice, since I haven't had much luck with that venue before - and a couple strawberries. F YOU, SLUGS! Have I shared my slug repellent? I use broken eggshells everywhere I think the little bastards might crawl to get at my few but luscious berries. Works just fine, if the timing is right (scatter them a day or two before the berries are fully ripe), and much cheaper than the beer method, which after a few weeks I realized was a) costing me, and b) getting my kids a little too comfy with the nasty smell of old beer.

In less good news, I picked up a couple pounds of plums at the Berkeley Bowl this week intended to make freezer jam from them. As usual, it turned out as a sauce. Boy, is my freezer full of varied fruit sauces and syrups. I need my Jam Mentor friend to come over and walk me through it step by step. She has such a sure hand with jam, that (she told me this week) she tried to make syrup, and it turned out as jam.

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